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Alarm Fitting

Alarm fitting is fairly easy in an ax. To run wires under the bonnet there is a hole on the passenger side roughly behind the glove box. Follow the speedo cable (if you have one)


Feed for the indicators can be picked up at the back of the hazard switch

Switching live

Can be found at the back of the radio loom

Door sensors

Can be found near the door switch, where it comes into the car as a single brown wire through a rubber grommet.

Central Locking

The central locking is -ve pulsed for lock and unlock. The controller can be found under the steering column on the Mk2 and behind the glove box on a Mk1. Its a black box with a brown 9 pin plug.

Boot Sensor

Can be found on the boot lid or the boot light

Shock Sensors

Can be stuck to the top of the blower vent pipe out of the way, its level there

Handbrake Light

Can be located at the back of the clocks

Imobiliser relay

Can be attached to the fuel pump wire, ecu wire, or any live feed that stops the engine from running. The weirder place the better, harder for theives to locate and disable.

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