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AX Body shell Information

The ax body shells between mk1 and mk2 are essentially the same. Some of the body panels vary (boot and bonnet for example) but the actual shell remains the same and the panels could be swapped around if required.

The main differences between the mk1 and the mk2 is the small updates the mk2 received.

  • Different dash mounts
  • Extra hole in rear seat floor to allow for fuel pump (dependent on injection vs carb rather than mk1 vs mk2 though)
  • Arb mounting points - these were shuffed around a bit, the mk2 shell had a provisions for the gti arb.

Ax Body shell Weak points

Some weak points in the AX body shell include:

The front and rear jacking point often cave in when jacked incorrectly The boot floor is very thin and prone to rust. The front and and rear wheel arches are prone to rust. The fuel filler surround is prone to rust. The inner arches just behind the headlamps are prone to rust.

Detailed rust location guide

Ax Body shell repair

Aftermarket Body Parts

Bodywork Modifications

Aftermarket Interior Parts

Interior Modifications

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