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AX Owners Club Wiki

What is a wiki?

A wiki is an on-line encyclopedia, any user is free to create or edit articles. The axoc wiki is based around the Citroen AX, some sections may cover general car parts or other Citroen/Peugeot models. Each Green link is a link to another article


Any spam, defacement of articles or failure to follow the article writing guidelines may result in a ban from wiki

Article Writing


As the wiki is intended to be an encycopedia so it is not intended to contain opinions. For example a bad way to write is

“The Carb engine is better because it sounds cooler”

the correct way would be

“The Carb engine is preferred by some due to its engine note, however some people prefer injection because..”

Any bias articles will probably he removed or heavily edited.


When creating an article you should consider if what your writing is on topic or it is better in a new article. For example, an article on the TU engine would not contain details on conversions, it should contain the history of the TU engine, then links to articles about the various TU engines.


Wiki articles are wrote in plain text, the wiki script has a very powerful template system similar to BB code on the forum visit the syntax page and read how to create tidy looking articles. At the very least read about headers and the linking of articles.


When writing an article, its possible to link to articles that don't exist, this is generally a good practice. For example, if you are writing an article on turbo's you could create a link to an article about dump valves. It doesn't matter that this doesn't yet exist. Linking to it will act as a prompt to other users to write something on the subject. If your not sure how to link to articles see the above link to the Syntax page. Before you do this its worth searching to check somebody hasnt already created the article under a different name, ie dumpvalve vs dump_valve

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