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Clear Rear Lights

There are two different types of clear rear clusters for the Ax.

Type 1

These are crystal type, with no internal coloured lenses, thus requiring new coloured bulbs for brake, indicator and fog lamp. They do have a semi red fog light but its useless with a white bulb and the reflectors are not the brightest.


This is on my white gti with led brake light bulbs.

Other “Type 1” rear clear lights -



However these are the whitest type you will get but i believe they arent available anymore new due to lack of e approval. This basically means that because you need coloured bulbs and the reflector issues you may not pass an mot with them on.

In my opinion these are probably the best type but you have to hunt around for a good pair as they are prone to cracking and fitment is not 100%.

Type 2

These are basically the same outside lense with seperate coloured filters inside similar to the common lexus style. In fact these are the closest you will gete to lexus style lights on an Ax.

Because of the internal filters you will not require coloured bulbs, and these lights are more likely to be e approved which makes it more likely to pass an mot with these on. However they dont look as white as the others but they are more widely available and even now some places may have stock of them. They are made by ABC one of the biggest aftermarket light manufacturers.


This is Beasty's car with this type of cluster, you can see the inserts clearly but they still look clear.



Now the big question.Where can I get some?

Well this is a list of places that do or did sell them. I must emphasise that I have checked directly with any of these companys so your best off ringing them direct and enquire as, like i said, some companys have discontinued them.

German, Swedish, French Car Parts (GSF) (not listed on the site but did use to sell them may have stock left?)

Impact Styling £80 DISCONTINUED

Parts on the net £60 DISCONTINUED


Halfords When I worked there I managed to find them on the parts system but make sure you get someone who knows the system because they are a bit hard to find. More brain power required than your average halfords worker has! £70+ …I think

2Modified £80.50 although there is possibly an AXOC discount in the future.

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