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 {{:​bitsforsale030.jpg?​500}} {{:​bitsforsale030.jpg?​500}}
 +So basically, you want to be using the Mk1 Saxo VTS dials (white or blue preferably),​ but retaining the AX fascia/​glass(plastic) otherwise you get a gap due to the shape of the saxo fascia in the AX housing. You will need GT/GTi AX fascia preferably or modify a forte one to gain a opening for the position on the vts fuel gauge, as the forte has it where the oil temp/​pressure is. Lower models have the fuel gauge right but the openings for the oil/water temps will need additions to hide the needle pivot. You could also use the VTR clocks straight with the forte fascia, but you don't get the oil temp/​pressure.
 +To break the dials open you need to remove 3 screws(T10 torx on vts), 2 at top and one in centre of dials. Then there is 3 clips top and bottom.
 //Work in progress// //Work in progress//
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