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 +ECU stands for Electronic Control Unit. This is basically a small computer that takes readings from various electrical sensors attached to the engine and runs calculations to see how best to control the engine. For example if the the throttle is opened the [[TPS]] (throttle position) sensor will send a stronger electrical signal to the ECU, the ECU will then re-calculate its settings using the information from the other sensors and increase the fueling accordingly by sending a stronger electrical signal to the injector, thus allowing a higher explosion to take place inside the cylinder allowing the car to move faster. The ECU can be found on all injection models on the drivers side wing inside the engine bay just above the [[window wiper reservoir]] filler cap. Most common ECU systems are:
 +== Bosch Monopoint A2.2 ==
 +early 1124 and 1360cc models ​
 +== Bosch Monopoint MA3.0 ==
 +954cc and later 1360cc models
 +== Magnetti marelli G6 ==
 +Later 1124cc models
 +== Bosch motronic MP3.1 ==
 +MPi unit found on 1360 GTi models
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