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Ax Electrics Intro

There are two major differences with the electrical systems, and as a rule of thumb, it is split in 1992. Pre 1992 “most” AXs had one form of wiring, and post 1992, “most” had the other, the differences are as headed below.

Pre 1992

The majority of pre 1992 (K reg)use a fuel system that comprises of the carburettor. This systems major difference is the lack of ECU and much less in the terms of wiring

Post 1992

The majority of post 1992 (K reg) AXs use the later fuel injection system. This system electronically monitors the engine speed, and electronically “decides” how much fuel to administer. As a result of this there is a lot more in the terms of electronics, and the biggest noticeable diffrence is the inclusion of the ECU.

Also in the face lift, there were a few features added such as:

Wiring Diagrams


Wiring Loom Pinouts


As standard the ax only has speakers in the rear door cards, with the exception of the 5 door model which had speakers in the front doors. It is common to fit some more speakers in the parcel shelf or front door pocket.

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