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 +=== Engine Sounds ===
 +Listen for knocks, rattles, pings, and any abnormal noises. They sound as they are said, '​pings'​ sound like '​ping'​ for example.
 +Can indicate a sign of major engine overhaul is in need, or even the whole engine replacing.
 +Not always a bad sign as this can be mistaken for tappets that just need a simple adjustment. This does tend to sound like thier name, a tapping sound.\\
 +Can otherwise indicate ancillery problems, such as bearings in the alternator, water pump or timing belt tensioner. Could lead to engine failure if one of these breaks or fails during engine usage, leading to bent valves and damaged pistons.
 +Usually pings happen in the exhaust or inlet manifolds, and can be quite load. Also can be assossiated with back fire. Can mean timing or ignition timing problems. ​
 +This tends to suggest the engine is not in a very good state. ​
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