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 +===== Aftermarket dial fitting =====
 +==== Removing the clocks (Mk1) ====
 +==== Fitting dials (Mk1) ====
 +==== Removing the clocks (Mk2) ====
 +  * Remove the steering wheel centre buy pulling at it
 +  * Mark the alignment of the column in relation to the steering wheel. some tipex or a quick tap with a screwdriver and hammer usually does the trick.
 +  * Remove the steering wheel by undoing the 21mm nut and pulling very hard.. careful you don't hit yourself in the face with the steering wheel!
 +  * In the plastics surrounding the steering column they'​re is a series of screws underneath. Remove all of these
 +  * Remove the plastics surrounding the steering column.
 +  * Undo the 3 torx bits holding the indicators on
 +  * Remove the two small torx screws in the top of the black plastic surrounding the clocks and the torx screws at the bottom
 +  * Remove the black plastic surround
 +  * Remove the torx screws holding the clocks in
 +  * (cable speedo drive only) Pull the clocks towards you untill you have enough room to reach behind and disconnect the speedo cable.
 +  * Unclip all the wiring harness (these are colour coded and can only go back in the same order so dont worry!)
 +  * Remove the clear perspex front buy unclipping it from around the clocks.
 +==== Fitting dials (Mk2) ====
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