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Fitting Front Fog Lights

In my car, I used a panel of switches in the centre of the dash where the ashtray used to be, so I can control neon's etc, but all you need is a switch somewhere with a power feed and a wire out into the engine bay or even the origonal AX switch.

  1. Remove the ashtray, and make up a plastic plate to cover the hole.
  2. Buy some nice illuminated toggle switches from Motorworld.
  3. Drill the hole to the right size.
  4. Fit switch.
  5. The switches have 3 connections, all spade terminals. Generally they are:
    • Power feed,
    • The middle one goes to whatever your powering,
    • Bottom one earths the switches illumination.
  6. Take the power feed from the illumination on your cigarette lighter (so fogs can only go on when lights r on).
  7. Run a wire behind the dash, down the wing into the engine bay.
  8. Buy a 4 pin switching relay.
  9. Screw that into the top of the inner wing.
  10. Pins are:
    • Power in (from the battery)
    • Switching Current (the wire from the dash)
    • Output Power (Wire down to the lights)
    • Earth (There's a nice handy earthing point just in front of the bottom of the battery shelf)
  11. Run the power out wire across the back of your bumper, and connect is to your drivers side lamp. Earth the lamp that to the bolt on the back of the slam panel.
  12. Use a scotchlock to connect the nearside light to that wire
  13. Earth that lamp to a suitable earth point.
  14. Cable tie all your wiring up so it is nice and tidy.
  15. Reconnect battery turn headlights on and fogs to test.
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