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 ===== GT5 ===== ===== GT5 =====
-Gt5 was made in both mk1 and mk2, it is basically a 5 door GT. Based on the standard ​5door shell it has a slighly ​different ​bodykit than the GT because of the extra doors. The door cards are also different ​and the front doors have speakers in the front.+The GT5 was made as a Mk1 and Mk2, it is basically a 5 door GT. It is based on the standard ​5 door model, but has a bodykit (different ​to GT due to the extra doors) as well as the usual perfomance parts on a GT (engine, brakes etc). The door cards are also different ​to the 3 door GT.
-Its quite often mistaken for a GTS because the 5 looks a bit like an S on the decals.+It can be fairly easily ​mistaken for a GTS because the 5 looks similar to an S on the decals.
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