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GT Solex twin Carburretor

Tuning the carb is normally best left to the tuning experts at a carburretor specialists.

Mixture Adjustment

The main adjustments you have are mixture and idle speed. Mixture should be set to give you a max of 3.5CO for it to pass an MOT. This is also the recommended setting for the carb. You can only accruately set this using an emmisions tester. Though as a rough guide on a standard GT engine, you are looking at 1 turn either way to give a change of +/-1.0.

Only adjust the misxture screw 1/4 a turn to 1/2 turn at a time unless you have the vehicle hooked up to an emmisions machine. Turn it clockwise to lean and turn it anti-clockwise to richen.

FIXME(insert pictures here - my internet access is not good enough to scan through the picture index to insert it.)GT solex mix 01 + 01. FIXME

Idle Speed including Choke Idle Speed

If the engine still idles at 800-900rpm with out stalling then you do not need to reset the idle.

To adjust the idle turn the idle screw clockwise to up the rpm, turn it anti to drop the rpm. As the rpm goes up you will notice the screw pushing the plate away from it. Do not forget to watch your fast idle screw. If this is making contact with the throttle arm it will effect how you set the idle. Unsrcew it till it clears the arm so you can set the idle. once you have done this, allow the engine to cool, preferabley on a cool to cold day, then restart the car using the choke, and set the fast idle. This should be set at a maximum of 1500rpm.

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