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-**How to Adjust the Rear Brakes (3 Stud)** 
-Firstly start by raising the back of the car on a jack and axle stands. ​ 
-Remove: ​ 
-Rear wheels (19mm) ​ 
-Brake drums (32mm + replace nuts if they have been staked twice) ​ 
-(you may need to snag the adjusters off, these are located on the front shoe near the top)  
-Ok, now you need to de adjust the handbrake cable, for this you are winding the plastic nuts off (usually 13 & 14mm). ​ 
-If the inside of the drum has a raised lip on it, its a good idea to grind it off making sure you protect the wheel bearing from dust.  
-At this point, check the condition of the wheel cylinders and replace as required. ​ 
-Clean the shoes, adjusters and pivots with brake cleaner, when this is dry, apply some oil (sparingly) to the pivots for the adjusters, handbrake cables and also to the spigot shaft and inner core of the handbrake cable itself. ​ 
-Next we are onto adjusting the brake shoes, with the lip removed from the drum it should now go on fairly easy, if this is the case, remove the drum again and using 2 large screwdrivers,​ lever the shoes away from each other gently (i usually go 2-3 clicks on the adjuster at a time) then refit the drum, what you are listening for is a light skiffing sound as you turn the drum.  
-When this is done, its time to adjust the handbrake cables again. With the drum on, start winding the plastic nut inwards, and watch the arm on the rear shoe through the wheelnut hole, when the arm starts to move away from the shoe, loosen the plastic nut again until the lever is just resting against the shoe then repeat for the other side.  
-If you replaced the wheel cylinders, now is a good time to bleed the brakes. ​ 
-After giving the pedal a quick pump to settle the shoes, have an assistant press and hold the pedal, and check that the drums cannot be turned by hand, then have them pull the handbrake and do the same.  
-In an ideal world, if you pull the handbrake to 2 clicks, it should be enough to hold the car, but anything from 3-7 clicks is perfectly acceptable. 
-*NB Reference pictures taken from 4 stud setup. 
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