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Making Fibreglass Doorbuilds

Fibreglassed speaker builds are one of the best ways to get your stereo set up looking and sounding how you want it to. The shape, size, finish and sound quality are only limited by your knowledge and skill. They’re also not that hard to do, and make a big improvement.

Mine were made to go onto my MDF Door Cards, but with a bit of thought they could easily be put into the bottle pocket areas.

SAFETY WARNING: Fibreglass dust is one step more harmful than asbestos. Filler dust ain’t that nice either. Wear a mask when your sanding or creating dust

  1. Mark and cut 2 backplates, and 2 front plates. The outer shape should be pretty much the same.
  2. Cut out the shapes, and cut out holes for the speaker. My speakers were too deep to fit in the build as I had it, so I cut the same holes from the back plates too, to allow them to sit properly.
  3. Cut out a few spacers from off cuts of MDF, so that they can be used to hold the plates apart. Get the measurements right so that the front plate will point the speaker back into the middle of the car. Use fibreglass resin or hot melt glue to fix them in place.
  4. Using fleecy material (I used an old fleece jumper), stretch it over the build, and staple onto the back. Make sure it is tight, and there are no folds or creases. Trim any overlapping areas on the back off, as they will stop the build sitting properly on the door card.
  5. Next, mix up a decent amount of fibreglass resin. Use a plastic pot, then when you’ve finished you can flex the pot and the fibreglass resin will fall out. Using an old or cheap paintbrush, work the resin into the fabric. Make sure that the fabric is completely saturated, as it will be this that gives the build its strength.
  6. Leave the resin to go off for 24 hours, so it’s really hard. When you’ve done that, mix up a batch of p38 filler, and smooth it over the build. Let that go off, and then sand it flat. If you are planning on painting the build or trimming with vynil, this bit needs to be really good, so take your time. If you are using carpet, you can afford to have a few imperfections.
  7. Using jigsaw, or something similar, open out the holes that you cut in the MDF. Test fit the speaker, to make sure it’s all pukka.
  8. Paint or trim your build in your chosen material. Make sure it’s tidy, coz you’re gonna have to look at it all the time.
  9. Fit the speakers, using the supplied screws, then fit the build to the door.

Job done! Sit back and admire!

Unfortunately there are no pictures of this door build at present, but feel free to add any pictures you have of a speaker build.

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