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 +===== Mk2 Wiper Stalks =====
 +==== Differences ====
 +Taken on face value all the mk2 stalks look exacly the same. The indicator/​light stalk is (left) and can be swapped with other models such as 106 and saxo even tho these are slightly different.
 +However the wiper stalk (right) has some subtle differences. Depending on if your washer fluid bottle has 2 pumps (one for front and one for rear) or 1 pump (2 exits, reverse the polarity to change output) the stalk will differ.
 +If you have a faulty set of indicator stalks it is very easy to swap just that stalk. Remove the 2 screws then slide the stalk out to replace.
 +==== Pinouts ====
 +FIXME gowan, you know you want to.
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