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MOT Checklist

A list of things you can easy check before putting your car in for MOT. This applys to all cars not just AX's

From inside car

Test operation of handbrake, adjust as necessary

Test brake pedal, make sure it doesn't slowly go to the floor. Check pedal is secure. Check the operation of the servo unit.

Check steering wheel for solidity, check it is tight on the column, check for wear in the column too

Check windscreen for cracks and chips and check rear view mirror is present and working.

Drivers sun visor must be functional if fitted

Check seatbelts and seats are secure and functional

Check all doors open and close from inside and outside.

From outside of car

Check number plates for legality and condition

Check the vin plate is easily visible

Check the horn works

Check wipers and washers

Check operation of brake lights

Check operation of sidelights and number plate lights, and that lenses are clear

Check operation and alignment of headlights, lenses must be undamaged

Turn on ignition and check indicators and hazards work

Check operation of rear foglight

Check that ABS light functions correctly if abs is fitted


Check the disks and pads are not excessively worn

Check all rigid brake pipes for corrosion.

Check the brake callipers/wheel cylinders are not leaking fluid

Check operation of each brake by spinning wheel then pressing pedal, make sure none are binding

Examine handbrake cables and mechanism for condition

Test brake efficiency

Examine MC, servo and piping for loose mounting, corrosion or damage

Check security of fluid reservoir and that it is between max and min

Check there is clearance from brake hoses lock to lock

Steering & suspension

Check for free play in steering gear

Check for wear in joints

Check vehicle is level

Check dampers are functioning correctly and not leaking


Check the system for leaks

With the car raised on ramp

Check from lock to lock to see that the wheels clear the brake pipes and bodywork.

Check the condition of steering rack gaiters and check all clips are present.

Check for stiffness and binding

Check for rust within 30cm of any steering component attatchment point

Check for play in the suspension front and rear

Spin the wheels to check they move freely,

If there is play, pinpoint it

Check the strut for leaking, corrosion or damage. Check security of mounting points too.

Check condition and fitting of springs

Check condition of drive shafts and gaiters

Fuel system and exhaust

Check fuel tank and all fuel system components are free from leaks and rust and are securely attatched

Check exhaust system fully for damage, broken or missing mounts, security of clamps and rust/corrosion

Wheels & tyres

Check side walls and tread on each tyre for damage

Check bead is seated correctly on rim

Check valve is seated properly and working

Check the wheels are not distorted or damaged

Check the tyre size is correct for vehicle and check pressure

Check tread depth - limit is 1.6mm over at least 3/4 of tread width

Body corrosion

Check the whole structure for corrosion in load bearing areas, any that has reduced the thickness of the metal at the load bearing area will fail

Damage or corrosion which causes sharp/dangerous edges to be exposed will fail too

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