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Oil and Filter Change

You will need

Before you start run the car for approximately 10 mins to warm the engine up and allow the oil to flow more easily.

Jack the car up and secure on axle stands, then using the appropriate drain plug key, undo the sump nut at the rear of the engine ensuring a suitable container is in place beneath. Warning: Oil may be hot!

Remove the sump plug and allow the oil to drain out into the container. Whilst the oil is draining, unscrew and remove the oil filter on the front of the engine using a filter wrench and clean around the area (place some paper underneath to catch any remaining oil). Add the oil from the oil filter to the container being used. Once the oil has stopped flowing out, clean the drain area and insert the new sump nut and washer. If available, use a torque wrench and tighten to 30 Nm.

Ensure that you dispose of any engine oils in accordance with your local regulations. Council refuse tips usually cater for this.

Now apply some fresh engine oil to the seal on the edge of the new filter with your finger and screw it into place (you do not need to use the wrench, only hand tighten the filter).

Now lower the car to the ground and add engine oil of the correct grade. Oil Capacities including oil filter are: 1.0, 1.1 and 1.4 petrol = 3.5 litres. 1.4 Diesel = 3.75 litres. 1.5 Diesel = 4.75 litres.

Ensure that you dont overfill with oil. Add half the required amount and allow to settle in the sump. Then slowly add the rest whilst checking the dipstick frequently.

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