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Oils and Fluids Guide

Petrol engine oil: Multigrade, viscosity SAE 5w40,10w/40, 15w/50 or 10w60, 3.5 litres

Diesel engine oil: Multigrade, viscosity SAE 10w/40, 15w/40 or 15w/50, 1360cc = 3.5 litres / 1527 = 4.2 litres

Intervals depending on standard or tuned.

Transmision oil: Total transmision oil BV 75w/80w, 2 litres interval 62.000mls

Brake fluid: Universal fluid to DOT4 1-1.5 litres every 2 years

Coolant: 70% water - 30% Ethylene glycol-based antifreeze, Approximately 4.8 litres (Or follow manufacturers recommendations)

Every engine out/5 years and for G12+ coolant 10years

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