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-===== Remote Central Locking ===== 
-Remote central locking was introduced as an option on Mk2 ax's. 
-The system uses an infra red key fob and a receiver mounted in the roof console, near the courtesy light. 
-The same IR RCL system was used on the following models and is interchangeable with the Ax system. 
-  * Citroen Saxo Mk1 
-  * Citroen ZX 
-  * Citroen XM 
-  * Peugeot 306 Mk1 
-  * Peugeot 406 Mk1 
-Ax's came with this type: 
-Saxo's came with this type: 
-The ax and saxo receivers are transferrable and use the same loom connector. ​ 
-Note the saxo receiver is has an extra '​receiver'​ element, to give it better range. 
-Also the saxo key fob has the citroen badge on the button and is more modern looking with a slightly updated key fob, but inner workings are the same. 
-Grey: Ax  
-Black: Saxo 
-If you look on the back of the PCB on both the remote and the receiver, there is a yellow sticker with a code on it. Obviously, both codes need to match for the system to work. 
-You can NOT programme InfraRed plips. The dealer may be able to help if you have the code on the yellow sticker, but you may have to buy a new transmitter ​ or receiver. 
-IR Receiver sits behind the red '​dome'​ by the courtesy light. 
-Remove courtesy light and undo two phillips screws. 
-Remove the housing to get access to the receiver. 
-Replace the receiver with new working one and put back together! 
-Job done, remote central locking!! 
-The down side of IR remotes s that the receiver needs a clear line of sight to the fob, rather than modern systems that use '​radio'​ frequencies. 
-The IR key fob is based on the Philips TEA5500 chip. The code is hard-coded to the PCB which is why they cannot be re coded, i believe. 
-Part No’s (Ax Kit) 
-  * Transmitter/​Receiver Kit –  6552 LH     NFP 
-  * Transmitter –  6552 WY 
-  * Locking Module -  6547 VG 
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