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Front Strut Removal

Jack the car up and remove the front road wheels. Drain the gearbox oil using the drain plug as a precautionary measure.

Firstly you need to remove the driveshafts. Loosen the hub nut by relieving the staking and using a 30mm socket and a breakers bar, you will need to hold the hub in place whilst you do this to stop it rotating.

Now undo the nut on the track rod end / steering arm and use a ball joint seperator to disengage the two

remove the lower ball joint clamp bolt, note which way round it is fitted and then open up the clamp slightly with a screwdriver or other suitable lever.

Now lever the lower arm downwards gently allowing the pin on the ball joint to seperate from the clamp

Loosen the two bolts slightly on either side of the strut top

You should now be able to pull the strut outwards and off the driveshaft splines (you may need to apply pressure to the end of the shaft to free it)

Now get an assistant to support the strut and remove the strut top nuts fully, now withdraw the strut from beneath the vehicle.

Re-fitting is a reversal of removal but new nuts should be used for the track rod end ball joint and lower arm clamp

NB: When tightening the Strut top nuts remember to use the correct torque wrench setting as these are easily broken

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