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-The Solex Z2 Carburretor is of a 28/32 "twin choke" design. ​+The Solex Z2 Carburretor is of a 32/34 "twin choke" ​downdraught ​design. The throttle is arranged so that the secondary choke does not open up until the primary choke is almost completely open. It has a manual choke, linked via a cable to a handle on the dash-board. Engaging the choke also causes an indicator light to appear on the dash-board.  
 +There is an electrical heating element in the base of the carburettor to assist with cold starting temperatures. However, these now rarely work and iceing can be an issue in the winter months
-EDIT - need to go to work lol... more later! ​+Adjustments for idle, fast idle and mixture are all achieved via screws at different locations on the carburettor
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