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 +====== Spoiler Fitting =====
 +The standard spoiler is part of the hinge for the boot and is easy to fit. You need a 10mm spanner or ratchet and somebody to hold the boot. When buying a spoiler make sure it comes with all the brackets.
 +  - Undo the 2 10mm bolts holding the boot lid on
 +  - Prod out the two nuts that are on the outside of the boot lid if they'​ve not fallen off already
 +  - Fit the spoiler and re-attach the two 10mm nuts. This is the most important bit, make SURE you don't over tighten the nuts, if you do you will smash the boot lid. Its probably a good idea to use a spanner as its easier to get carried away with a ratchet. ​
 +If you've not got the seals put a bit of silicon round the hole to make it water tight.
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