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 +===== Aftermarket Steering Wheels =====
 +Pretty much all after market steering wheels can be fitted to the ax provided you can find a matching boss kit. Its worth considering the size of the wheel you buying, if you buy a very small one it can make parking difficult down to the ax's lack of power steering
 +==== Wheels ====
 +Theyre are many brands avaliable for aftermarket wheels, if you after a stylish one Momo are a good place to look, for more rally style ones try OMP or Sparco
 +==== Boss/Hub ===
 +Its important to make sure you get the correct boss kit. The MK1 and MK2 bosses are different, although they are interchangeable the mk2 boss is bigger. If you use a mk1 boss on a mk2 it wont cancel the indicators, if you do it the other way round you will also have to cut the plastic around the steering column. ​
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