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Most procedures carried out on the AX require only basic tools which are readily available from any hardware store / motor factors. More challenging procedures will require more specialist tools, below is a list of tools that may be required to work on various components of the car.

General tool kit

This should contain various items such as pliers,wire snips,hammer,screw drivers etc.


Large socket set

It is essential to have a wide selection of sockets and extensions, ranging from 10mm to 32mm. Some specialist procedures may even require deep sockets



A selection of various sized spanners will come in handy, especially both open ended and ring spanners, sizes required range from 5mm to 22mm


Oil filter wrench

This will be required to remove the oil filter correctly, there are two types available chain wrenches and ones like the one shown below


Spark plug spanner

Some sockets sets come with attachments for the spark plugs but sometimes it is necessary to buy one seperately


Drain plug keys

These are needed to turn the drain plugs on the gearbox and sump they are usually 8mmm squares, a square bar from the middle of a door handle works best!


Valve spring compressor

This is essential for removing the valves safely when overhauling the cylinder head


Ball joint seperator

Two varieties of ball joint seperator are avilable and are essential to seperate ball joints without damaging them


Coil spring compressors

A pair of these is essential when removing the coil spring form the front struts safely and efficiently


Allen keys

Allen keys or Hex adapters are often needed


Torque wrench

This is essential to ensure nuts are not overtightened and will prevent snapping nuts off, a range of 10nm to 250nm is required but this may require the purchase of two seperate wrenches as not all will cover such a large range


Torx bits

The use of torx screws or star headed bolts is common in french automobile manufacture and therefore you should have access to a good quality torx set ranging from T10 to T40


Slide Hammer

Used when Lowering the rear beam



Whilst working on the electrical system it may be neccesary to test circuits using a multimeter



Various substances are hazardous, engine oil in particular which can cause cancer, as a result gloves should be worn to protect your skin. Heat resitant gloves are also recommended for dealing with hot engine components



Overalls should be worn to prevent contact between skin and hot or hazardous components


Hand cleanser

Grease removing hand cleanser will help remove any dirt and oil ingrained in the skin that could cause harm. Ones with sand or grit content tend be better


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