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-==== Breakdown of how the multifunction relay functions ==== 
-=== Stage 1 === 
-1) Pin 14 receives a switched live from the dash 
-2) This is wired to pin 12 internally, pin 12 goes to the ecu pin 13 and the factory immobliser box 
-3) ECU enters up powering up state, as a result pin 52 on the ecu goes to ground, completing the circuit on stage one of the ignition relay 
-4) The ground feed from the ecu goes to pin 10 on the ignition relay, stage one of the relay powers up. 
-5) This completes the circuit between pins 11 (fused live) and 1+9 of the relay. The ECU is now fully powered up, as is the charcoal canister valve. 
-=== Stage 2 === 
-Stage 2 is ECU controlled 
-1) A switched live is already present at pin 14, the ecu provides a negative feed during the prime function and cranking/​engine running via the inertia switch to pin 7.  
-2) Provided the inertia switch is completing the circuit this completes the connection between the live pins on 8 and 15 to power the fuel pump, coil pack, speedo sender and injectors. (Pins 4,5,6,13 - your mileage may vary on which is which) 
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